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Whey Protein Plus

Birthday sale | Tot 70% korting + 15% extra! - Kortingscode: EXTRA15

Birthday sale | Tot 70% korting + 15% EXTRA! - Kortingscode: EXTRA15

Vier onze verjaardag met waanzinnige kortingen tot wel 70% op al onze producten! Maar daar blijft het niet bij want met de kortingscode EXTRA15 ontvang je nog 15% extra korting bovenop de sale prijzen! 

Aanbieding geldig tot en met 28/05/2017 omstreeks middernacht. Slechts 1 kortingscode per bestelling. Maximale korting €75. Klanten kunnen meerdere bestellingen plaatsen.


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Whey Protein Plus is an advanced 80% whey protein concentrate containing a unique vitamin, mineral and digestive enzyme blend. Containing over 20g of protein per serving and providing a minimum 40% RDA of 14 vital performance vitamins and minerals, Whey Protein Plus is the perfect way to increase your uptake of this essential nutrient which is often over looked by endurance athletes.

Whey Protein Concentrate has a fantastic amino acid profile which is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). It has been shown to increase protein synthesis, speed recovery and facilitate improvements in endurance performance. In order to maximise endurance training adaptations it is important to consume sufficient amounts of high quality protein making Whey Protein Plus the perfect product to support your training regime.

The addition of our unique vitamin and mineral blend provides you with 14 essential nutrients to help you achieve your recommended daily intake. Vitamins and minerals play a crucial role in the maintenance of normal health and immune response, whilst specific vitamins such as Vitamin C and E provide powerful antioxidant protection against muscle damaging by products of endurance exercise, such as lactic acid.

Impact Whey Protein Plus also contains the popular digestive enzyme blend DigeZyme®. DigeZyme® can help the body absorb nutrients from ingested food, meaning you get more from the rich source of protein provided by our premium whey protein concentrate.

Hou er alsjeblieft rekening mee dat de etikettering op dit product in het Engels is. Daarnaast kunnen Frans, Italiaans, Duits, Spaans, Deens, Zweeds en Fins ook inbegrepen zijn op bepaalde labels.

Belangrijkste voordelen

  • 20g eiwit per portie
  • Toegevoegde mix van vitamines en mineralen
  • Uitsteken aminozuurprofiel en rijk aan BCAAs
  • Bevat ook DigiZyme® verteringsenzymen

Aanbevolen gebruik

Add 150-250ml of water or milk into our shaker (the less liquid the thicker the shake will be). Then add 1 MP large scoop (25g), shake and consume. Use 2-3 times daily or as required. 1 x level MP Large Scoop weighs 25g. Scoop not included.


Undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate*, Cocoa Powder (chocolate flavour only), Flavouring (flavoured options only), Vitamin and Mineral Blend (Magnesium Oxide, Vitamin C, Ferrous Fumarate, Vitamin E, Nicotinamide BP, Vitamin A Acetate, Zinc Oxide, Pyridoxine Hydro Chloride, Vitamin D3, Thiamine Hydro Chloride, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Potassium Iodide), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Digezyme® (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Beta-D-Galactosidase, Lipase), Sweetener (Sucralose® [flavoured options only]), Colouring (Beetroot Red [strawberry cream flavour only]). *From Milk


Per 25g:
Energie: 97.1Kcal
Energie: 409.0kJ
Eiwit (dry basis): 20.3g
Eiwit (as-is): 19.4g
Vet: 1.67g
Koolhydraten: 1.48g
Elke portie van 25g bevat ook:
Magnesium: 189.3mg (50% ADH)
Vitamine C: 40.4mg (50% ADH)
IJzer: 7.1mg (50% ADH)
Vitamine E: 6.1mg (50% ADH)
Vitamine B3: 8.1mg (50% ADH)
Vitamine A: 403.0mcg (50% ADH)
Zink: 5.0mg (51% ADH)
Vitamine B6: 707.0mcg (51% ADH)
Vitamine D3: 2.52mcg (50% ADH)
Vitamine B1: 555.0mcg (51% ADH)
Vitamine B2: 707.0mcg (51% ADH)
Vitamine B12: 1.0mcg (40% ADH)
Foliumzuur: 101.0mcg (51% ADH)
Jodium: 76.0mcg (51% ADH)

Let op, deze voedingswaarde zijn gebaseerd op de naturel versie (zonder toegevoegde smaakstoffen). Wanneer je voor een versie met toegevoegde smaakstoffen kiest zal het eiwitgehalte ongeveer 3% lager zijn voor de meeste smaken, en voor de smaak 'Chocolade' door de toegevoegde cacao, zelfs 8% lager.


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Whey Protein Plus

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Whey Protein Plus